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We teach you hoteliering at the highest levels. Today, the main competition in the hospitality industry is a better quality of the workforce. Quality of service depends on the quality of manpower. Quality is found in components such as knowledge, skills and thoughts, which ultimately lead to the survival and progress of business. Therefore, training manpower is vitally important and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills will increase efficiency and productivity. Human resource training also boosts employees’ motivation. By gaining vital information, manpower finds more self-esteem and recognizes the importance of its place. Training and promotion of manpower are considered as the most important means of implementing HR policies. Successful hotels will always consider manpower training in their development strategies. In the training courses, the level of knowledge of individuals increases with the simulation of different situations and the review of experiences in different fields and the trainees can deal with problems in similar situations by simulating these experiences. Holding classrooms and training courses can enhance hotel staff level of knowledge and, as a result, a suitable service will be presented to the guests, which will also increase the profitability of the hotel.

Considering the nature of the hotel industry and the need for the dynamism and up-to-date knowledge of the present, as well as the lack of written literature in this field, we should consider innovative ways to compete in the market and to be distinct from fellow competitors. Therefore, the necessity of using up-to-date knowledge and the latest standards of hoteliering industry has led us to incorporating experienced, educated and up-to-date teachers in Pishgaman Sahat Toos and by using classrooms, workshops and conferences, we can take an important step in promoting this industry.

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